Membership Categories

ACT Membership Categories and Criteria

Full Membership Requirements

  • Endocrinologist/Thyroidologist
  • ECNU Certification and AIUM Accreditation
  • AACE & ATA member in good standing
  • Thyroid focused practice (greater than 50%)
  • In practice more than two years post fellowship
  • All current members (as of October 1, 2011) who are active in the e-mail server and meetings will be grandfathered in as Full Members
    • These members must be moving forward with ECNU certification and other requirements if not already done
  • Members in this category will be listed on ACT website
  • Dues: $100/year

Full Members – Non-Endocrinologists

  • Surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, oncology and nuclear medicine
  • Listed on website separately from Thyroidologists
  • On e-mail server
  • Dues $75/year

Associate Members

  • Fellows and those in practice less than two years post fellowship
  • On e-mail server, not on website
  • No dues

Consulting Members

  • Sonographers and other Non-Physician Thyroid-Related Medical Professionals
    • E.g.: sonographers and other non-physician thyroidology associated individuals
  • On e-mail server, not on website
  • No dues
  • Cannot apply, by invitation only

International Members

  • These are consulting members not in USA
  • On e-mail server, not on website
  • No dues

Anyone attending a dinner meeting will be asked to pay a $50 registration.
We will continue to seek corporate donations for the group to support our activities.